Why Stand For MagSafe?
MagSafe is great wireless charger to carry with you and use it in the normal day usage but maybe it's not the best one to be on your desk/office

The main problem was that MagSafe Charges the iPhone horizontally which is not great in viewing angles and ease of use
so I'll have to buy another wireless charger (With Stand) for my desk to have a better viewing angle and easier usage
and here's the main point

I was trying to find a solution somehow to transform the MagSafe into a stand instead of buying another one (Stand Wireless Charger)

with this Stand I'm Transforming my MagSafe into a wireless charger Stand with a piece of metal (or plastic)
and having the MagSafe stuck in the stand it'll be much easier to pull your phone without having to use your second hand

Sheet Metal Flat Pattern

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